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Pilgrim Talks: Stephen Pixley (9/29/10)

September 29th, 2010

autocribSteve Pixley

Stephen Pixley, President of AUTOCRIB

In 1994, as President of an industrial distributor, Steve saw a need for manufacturing companies to control their indirect materials. In most cases, they had poor systems to track who was taking what. He also knew that a lot of time was spent looking for items that a worker needed to do his job. Steve set out to find a way to help companies control and deliver the tools and supplies that workers needed, where they were needed. He literally built the first industrial vending machines in his garage.

Since then, AutoCrib, Inc. has provided over 5,000 automated inventory control systems for manufacturing companies worldwide.

AutoCrib's mission is to help companies ensure secure access to the right item, ant the right places, at the right time while driving out waste and excess costs. Plants throughout the world have adopted AutoCrib systems as part of their best practices through "lean" and Six Sigma initiatives because of the significant cost savings and productivity improvements the systems consistently deliver.

The product live has evolved from the basic concept of "tool vending" into a wide variety of systems that assist companies in controlling tooling, gauges, safety & MRO supplies as well as other "indirect materials". Thinking lean has helped AutoCrib be quick to develop the widest breadth of point-of-use dispensing technology designed specifically for industry as well as the finest tool crib & stores inventory management software available.

To learn more about AUTOCRIB, go to www.autocrib.com.

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