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Pilgrim Talks: Kristen McAlister and Paul Roberts (9/22/10)

September 22nd, 2010


Kristen McAlister, COO

Cerius Interim Executive Solutions is the leader in delivering interim executive management solutions with the innovation and speed that small to medium business needs to tackle their business opportunities or to mitigate risk.

Cerius leverages the skill and experience of its deep pool of Interim Executives, who bring the broadest array of industry and functional experience, to deliver best-in-class leadership on-demand to our customers.

To learn more about Cerius Interim Solutions, go to ceriusinterim.com


Paul Roberts, President

The Internet is all about "target marketing." It's finding your "niche" and telling people about it. Yet one of the best ways to carry on this conversation with your community of clients, customers, and potential prospects has yet to be fully explored: INTERNET RADIO. For while its adoption by the general public is growing by leaps and bounds, few people know how easy it is to actually host your own radio show on this revolutionary new "social medium" or what its benefits can be.
OC Talk Radio was created by a group of traditional marketers who realized that marketing is no longer a one way street. You can't just put up a billboard and hope people buy anymore. The Internet has changed all that.  Just as highways long ago bypassed regular streets and opened up new arteries for commerce to flow, so too has the "information super highway" found a way to "cut thru the clutter" of traditional advertising and open up a direct dialog with your community.  Need to find someone who imports Indian beer?  No problem.  Go online and instantly see who sells Golden Eagle lager.
To learn more about OC Talk Radio, go to octalkradio.net
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