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Pilgrim Talks: Justin Milmeister and Patrick O’Malley

June 8th, 2011

Elite Data Solutions
Justin Milmeister, CEO of Elite Merchant Solutions
Elite Merchant Solutions is a nationwide merchant service provider sponsored by Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC. Elite Merchant Solutions has positioned itself as one of the top merchant service providers in the country. Servicing all fifty states with live operators picking up your phone call with no automated system has earned elite merchant solutions envy among competitors.
Justin Milmeister, CEO of Elite Merchant Solutions, will speak on behalf of CEOs and business owners who are known for their accomplishments in the field of Customer Service and who are proactively working through customer service issues in this marketplace.

Elite Merchant Solutions is a business that prides itself on its successful, innovative and ever evolving dedication to providing their client-base with the highest level of customer service. It is what their business is built upon and will continue to be the driving force behind their success.

Justin will be sharing stories with "OC Talk Radio's" listenership (other CEOs / Business Owners) based upon the following topics:

  • What Elite Merchant Solutions has done to improve their customer service its customers
  • What have been the results?
  • How many people at Elite Merchant Solutions are involved in customer service
  • Obstacles that were discovered in implementing Elite's plans to improve customer service
  • Top 3 Things that Make Elite Different From Other Merchant Providers

To learn more about Elite Merchant Solutions, go to elitedatacorp.com

617 Patrick

Patrick O'Malley, 617 Patrick (Social Media Jedi Master!)

Patrick O'Malley loves and lives Social Media, and can show you how to utilize them to get new customers and maintain relationships with current customers.  He will be sharing innovative, creative, and effective ways for sales people to use LinkedIn.


  • is an internationally known expert on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google SEM and Google SEO
  • knows 25-30 things about Social Media that no one else knows, and shares them with his audiences
  • was VP of Operations for the search engine that was tied with Google in the year 2000 (Northern Light)- he knows the internal engineering of a search engine, and understands internet marketing from one of the original sources.  - he knows 5 tricks which can get potentially your company's product onto the first page of Google, for free, with no "black hat" techniques, in just a few days.
  • has had TV, Newspaper appearances- Fox-TV social media expert- WHDH News (Channel 7) in Boston- Boston Globe- Boston Herald- many other news outlets.
  • has been Speaker at DECUS conventions in front of many groups of 1000+V
  • has been VP of Marketing for ASTD, Boston

His phone number is actually 617-PATRICK, i.e. (617)-728-7425, which he still thinks is the coolest thing.

To learn more about Patrick, go to 617patrick.com

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