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Pilgrim Talks: Innovation in the Digital News Production Space, Fred Forcher, 4/28/2010

April 28th, 2010

Fred Fourcher, President and CEO of Bitcentral.

Fred Fourcher is the Chairman and co-founder of Bitcentral. In 1980, he founded Miralite Communications, which became Bitcentral when the firm began focusing on digital file-based solutions. Mr. Fourcher led Miralite to design and build many large satellite networks worldwide. His vision of how satellite communications technology could be successfully applied resulted in Miralite becoming an industry leader in radio, television, and education distribution networks.

Recognizing the opportunity to provide worldwide voice and data services by satellite and fiber, in 1992 Mr. Fourcher also founded DirectNet Telecommunications, an international common carrier. He served as DirectNet's President from 1992 through 1994, during which time he implemented the Company's global network strategy. DirectNet's 1999 revenues were close to $90 million.

Mr. Fourcher is well positioned to leverage his unique industry experience in order to exploit new market opportunities for Bitcentral in the broadcast technologies industry.

Bitcentral (bitcentral.com) is a recognized innovator of news content production, distribution and aggregation solutions. For over 20 years, Bitcentral has demonstrated a unique ability to develop and deploy revolutionary technologies for leading content producers.

From building America's first IP-based satellite distribution network to deploying the country's most popular news production system in scores of newsrooms, Bitcentral has been trusted with engagements at major content-creation companies like CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox, Raycom Media, Belo, Media General and many more.  Led by industry veteran and technology evangelist, Fred Fourcher, and an experienced management team with decades of experience in news and technology, Bitcentral continues to transform the way news content is produced, delivered and consumed.

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