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Pilgrim Talks: Hank Adamany

October 20th, 2010

Cervus Group

Hank Adamany, Partner

The Cervus Group & Fund was created to respond to the many middle-market companies that are unable to unlock their hidden value as a result of being under capitalized and/or lacking diversified executive experience.  Their focus is directed primarily toward companies that have been identified as the growth opportunity industries of the next decade -- technology, software, consumer products, and health and wellness.

The Cervus Group & Fund operates as a business development company specializing in middle-market companies.  In addition to assisting with private equity and venture capital investments, we provide managerial and strategic assistance to companies helping them right-size their cost structures, bolster their management teams, develop their marketing, operational and financial strategies, acquire other companies and provide a host of other services, all focused on maximizing enterprise value within an established timeline for a liquidity event.  They also work directly with private equity groups advising them on their portfolio investments.

Some recent examples of how the Cervus Group & Fund can bring the same success to your situation include:

For a publicly-held company that owns a unique technology and patents in the energy industry:

  • Raised approximately $20 million in a series of private equity transactions
  • Sold the company's largest subsidiary, a cash drain and a bad fit with it long-term strategy
  • Gained sole ownership of the technology

As a result, in nine months the company experienced a stock price increase of 400% and obtained an additional $12 million raised through the exercise of in the money stock warrants and options.

For a well known publicly-held Southern California consumer products company:

  • Refinanced debt at lower interest rate and secured additional facility to fund expansion
  • Changed strategy and marketplace emphasis                                      

The result was a stock price increase of 50% in first six months earning recognition by Business Week as a top-performing, micro cap stock, and had its first profitable year since its IPO.

For a privately-held managed services company in the technology industry

  • Commercialized the technology and
  • Built a customer centric organization that was measured on its ability to meet customer expectations.

The valuation of the company increased 500% in less than nine months as a result of these activities.

To learn more about the Cervus Group & Fund, go to cervusgroup.com

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