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Mark Williams - Brokers International

June 10th, 2021


Mark Williams has taken an interesting approach to business all his life. When he was 16 and needed a job, he walked into a small, local business and told the owner, “I’ll make you a deal,” give me two weeks. At the end of two weeks, you can either hire me on and pay me or not pay me and send me home.” He got the job.  
As the CEO of Brokers International, a major insurance brokerage, Mark works every day to create a culture of transparent and authentic communication between those customers who he considers his true customers - employees, vendors, distributors and clients. 
Business Background 
He has spent his entire business career in the insurance world, working his way up the ranks from positions such as director of national sales and marketing for a top tier life and accident insurance company to overseeing sales on a regional level as a vice president to president of a financial marketing firm before going to Brokers International - first as chief of sales and one year later being promoted to president and CEO. 
His focus throughout his career has been to listen to the voice of the customer. He believes that intentional listening allows him to focus on where to explore new opportunities and take the calculated risks necessary to expand his company’s overall market share while enhancing sales and service. 
He looks to data to support his decisions while sometimes questioning the analysis of data. He looks for patterns that others might miss to find actionable insights that offer solutions to some of his greatest challenges. 
Mark is a leader who hires talented people and allows them to do great things. He is intrigued by the ever-changing landscape of technology, data, and the avenues that companies will deliver their products and services to the consumer. 
It is this passion that keeps him researching, reading and exploring new technologies, and observing customer behaviour. 
Mark holds both NASD - Series 6 and 63 licenses as well as a BS degree in business from the University of Phoenix.  For more information on Brokers International go to https://www.biltd.com/

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