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Jim Riley, Consultant

August 27th, 2021

Jim.jpgJim Riley has spent his entire life saying yes to career changes and unique opportunities that align with his foundational values.
Riley runs a successful, consulting business in Kalispell, Montana. Known for supplying value to clients by providing strategic recommendations, Jim Riley is known for smart strategic thinking, insightful operations, successful business growth and high pressure transitions.
Jim is currently the host of two successful podcasts. “The Answer is “Yes” podcast features business leaders discussing both the power of saying “yes” and the decisions that made them successful. “The Liberty of Lose” podcast features local and national public figures discussing current politics and where the country is heading.
In addition, Riley actively consults for several successful companies and is known for helping businesses through transitional phases, marketing strategy, sales improvements, public relations, providing innovation and facilitating operational improvements.
Riley oversees two of his own business and has an extensive background in marketing, food and beverage, and everything in between.
Well known work includes time spent with In-N-Out, Kettle One Vodka, Diego, Booth Creek Ski Holdings, Azunia Tequila, and Baja United Group.
Jim Riley is a leading advocate for conservative political actions as School Board Trustee in Smith Valley District 89. He is a popular speaker on the subjects of education, veterans, 2nd Amendment Rights, freedom of religion, small government, public land use, legal immigration, the constitution, pro-life, first responders, and the Save the Cowboy movement in Montana. For more information go to https://livelifedriven.com/

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