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Pilgrim Talks: Dan Clark and Robert AndersonSchoepe

June 1st, 2011 · Comments


Dan Clark, Chairman of the Board
Since 1932, Prudential Overall Supply has continued to provide best-in-class solutions for businesses for uniforms and textile rental programs. Service programs includ uniform rental, uniform least, uniform purchase for industrial uniform programs and related services. Prudential is grateful for the exceptional work produced by our industry-best tenured employees, and to our exceptional customer patronage. It is this connection that enables Prudential to provide our customers with the best possible products and service at a fair price, today and into the future.

Prudential Overall Supply is a uniform provider with solutions for businesses requiring uniforms and textile rental programs. Reusable textiles offer a clean green solution compared to home wash and disposable products. Uniform programs include uniform rental, uniform lease and uniform purchase. As a uniform provider, Prudential Overall Supply works with work Shirts manufacturers that provide the industry's most respected brands like Dickies, Red Kap, Wrangler, Chef Design, Bulwark, Lee and Medline.

Industrial products include floor mats, restroom supplies, paper products, linen supplies, reusable towels, mops and microfiber products. Prudential Overall Supply can accommodate any business with needs for: Uniform rental, uniform lease, uniform purchase for career apparel, work shirts, work uniforms, industrial uniforms, industrial products, linen supplies, paper products, floor mats, reusable towels, mops, microfiber products and restroom supplies.

Dan Clark graduated from USC 42 years ago and went to work at Prudential while his father was in charge of the company Dan's grandfather started in 1932. Prudential has 17 plants, 8 service centers, and almost 1600 employees in 8 states.

To learn more about Prudential Overall Supply, go to pos-clean.com


Robert AndersonShoepe, CEO

Established in Orange County in 1957, Fluidmaster remains a family owned and operated company know for its superior engineering of efficient and and reliable toilet components, The company has become an icon in the plumbing industry, leading its market with a worldwide distribution network across more than 80 countries and selling more toilet tank replacement valves than any other manufacturer in the world. In addition to the original fill valve developed by founder Adolph Schoepe and enhanced through the years, Fluidmaster's complete line of toilet care parts included standard and dual flush valves, flappers, tank levers, bowl wax, toilet repair kits, and connectors.

In addition to significantly growing its business over the years by serving its global customers first from Anaheim and more recently SAn Juan Capistrano, the company, its owners and employees have been proud supporters of the local community through such organizations as

  • San Juan Chamber of Commerce
  • Junior Achievement of Orange County
  • Corazon - Orange County organization building homes for needy families in Tijuana
  • Orangewood Children's Foundation
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Walk of out Poverty

The company's founder, Adolf Schoepe, was recognized for his significant support of The Boy Scouts throughout his life, with The Boy Scout Camp at Lost Valley named in his honer. Robert AndersonSchoepe, his son, and current owner, continues supporting the Boy Scouts today.

To learn more about Fluidmaster, go to fluidmaster.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Frank Grienke and Jeff Kaminiski

May 18th, 2011 · Comments

SCFuels frank

Frank Greinke, CEO

Frank became president of Southern Counties Oil Co. in 1987 at the age of 33, and purchased ownership of the company in 1991. At that time, the company’s annual revenue was $50 million. Today, under Frank’s leadership as CEO, SC Fuels and its related companies generate over $1 billion in revenue and operate in 7 western states. The company currently employs over 300 and services over 20,000 customers.SC Fuels also has the distinction of being the first company from the United States to do business in the Republic of Georgia. In 1992, Southern Counties Oil opened the first western-style gas station in the capital city of Tbilisi, just after Georgia became the first former Soviet Republic to become independent.

Frank is currently a director of the Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA) and a past director of the California Independent Oil Marketers Association (CIOMA). He is the Chairman of the Southern California Chapter of Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Frank is also a director of The New Majority Committee; an Orange County based Republican Party organization, and Finance Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party. He is on the Advisory Board for Solis Capital Partners LLC. He serves on the board of the Bank of Hemet as well as the board of directors for Pacific Ethanol Inc.

As a distributor of refined petroleum products since 1930, SC Fuels serves thousands of customers annually throughout the United States with a philosophy of service that has earned SC Fuels a leading reputation in the industry. Our customers range from small family owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. SC Fuels maintains its position as one of the largest suppliers of branded, unbranded, and alternative fuels in the United States.

SC Fuels also is a leader in fleet card services with a fueling network of over 200,000 commercial cardlocks, truck stops, and retail stations nationwide.  For customers who desire to have their vehicles and equipment fueled on-site during off hours, SC Fuels rovides mobile on-site re-fueling. Additional products supplied by SC Fuels include Lubricants and Heating Oil.

To learn more about SC Fuels, go to scfuels.com


Jeff Kaminiski, CEO MBK Enterprises

MBK Enterprises is a world leader in converting specialty adhesive tapes, foams, films, foil, cloth, paper, and other flexible materials. MBK stocks hundreds of materials used for bonding, attaching, sealing, masking, protecting, shielding, conducting, gasketing and more, and adds value by die-cutting, laminating, slitting, spooling and endless other services, making products easier and more economical to use. From design to final production, MBK's experienced and knowledgeable team works to find solutions for innovative ideas and sticky applications.

In 1971 John Kaminski had the vision to see the ever expanding need for converted tape products,. He brought his experience as a chemist and a background in pressure sensitive tapes to develop fabricated parts to fit the needs of his first customers. Beginnings were with "Little Joe," a machine for cutting shrink tubing to length, and Marcella Kaminski, his wife, bookkeeper and greatest support. From his beginnings with a work table in the family garage to about 15,000 sq. ft. in Chatsworth, he purchased and renovated used machines for changing pressure sensitive adhesive tapes into carefully thought-out component parts for end products. His first big customers were primarily in the aerospace and electronic industries.

His son and daughter, Jeffrey and Judith, began learning the trade on weekends and school holidays. As the business grew little by little the ideas of the endless possibilities for tape uses rocketed. Judith went to work full-time in 1978 after graduating from California State University Northridge, and Jeffrey went to work for 3M upon his graduation from San Diego State University . The Kaminski family had learned at an early age that tape was indispensable.

In the late fall of 1979, John Kaminski suddenly became ill and passed away. Jeffrey, Judith and Marcella made plans for keeping MBK a going enterprise. Jeffrey resigned from 3M, and the three of them began to learn everything they could about converting. Marcella retired from her role in 1981, but keeps an interest in the latest news.In the past 35 years, MBK has grown and moved to larger facilities three times, remaining in Chatsworth, California. The emphasis has always been on the best customer service, and keeping abreast of the changing needs for pressure sensitive adhesive products. Today, the customer base has changed greatly from 35 years ago. More and more is being accomplished in the fields

of medical devices and information technology, not to mention any niche in between. The company has invested extensively in state-of -the-art converting equipment, as well as the training of it's employees in the workplace. The only limitations are imagination, but this company has plenty of that.

To learn more about MBK Enterprises, go to mbk1.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Marge Bieler and Paul Roberts

April 14th, 2011 · Comments

Marge Bieler, CEO of RareAgent

Marge has been instrumental in helping organization understand how to build KPIs and Best Practices that impact an organization's bottom-line and how to generate revenue through lead gen programs. She's documented RareAgent's best practices, and has developed dashboards and has used many SaaS products that help productivity within lead gen programs. Her straight forward, and practical advice has helped thousands of organization move their revenue needle, increase efficiencies and determine if their data is usable and if their messaging is effective.

RareAgent works with B2B companies providing resources, best-practices, and expertise to build and deliver calling and online marketing programs that engage and motivate stakeholders to meet, and inspire action to take a next step.  RareAgent's efforts result in accelerating appointments, improving lead quality, increasing conversation effectiveness, and demonstrating revenue contribution.

RareAgent uses advanced technologies that automate the calling process and deepen the prospect conversation.  We use a framework called The Thoughtful Conversation.™ This framework allows us to prepare, engage, and record conversations to maximize call effectiveness and to develop better, faster, and easier sales and marketing processes.  We display our results in the form of dashboards and drill-down reports.

To learn more about RareAgent, go to: rareagent.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Greg Batten and Jim Caras

March 23rd, 2011 · Comments

Estrada Strategies greg batten

Greg Batten, Coach to CEOs in the Inland Empire

Many of the small businesses owners we speak to express this concern. The Corporate CEO has a board of directors, an executive leadership team, consultants, and managers to help them with strategies and business development. They also have teams and departments to execute key growth initiatives.

The small business owner does not have the time or resources to build a board of directors.

The CEO Club provides the kind of entrepreneurial environment that helps the small business owner to think, plan, and execute like a corporate CEO.

estrada strategies

At Estrada Strategies, we have developed a business model to help every business owner build on the Core Disciplines of Business. These Core Disciplines, when implemented via our coaching, training,and monitoring processes, provide business owners a complete strategy for successful business management. We provide the support and tools you need to implement these strategies in your business.

There is no mystery to what we do. Our methods are simple and efficient and provide the foundation for successful business management, development and growth.

We have used our model of Coach, Train, Monitor successfully with the owners of hundreds of small to medium sized businesses nationwide.

To learn more about Greg Batten, go to estradastrategies.com/ontario

Health Direct

Jim Caras, CEO of Health Direct

Health Direct is a privately held, formulator and provider of premium quality, non-commodity, and innovative anti-aging nutritional supplements. Health Direct's products are distributed at over 4000 locations, including independent health food stores, VitaminShoppe and GNC.

Health Direct focuses on unique, innovative anti-aging nutritional supplements that arecondition-specific. The company also specializes in and is a leader in liquid nutrition.Health Direct's products include: stimulant-free weight loss, energy, joint support andpain-relief, digestive health, and skin repair and care.
The company's well known products are: AminoSculpt (the only patented liquid collagen protein), Sculpt n' Cleanse (weight loss colon cleansing), and Ready Fiber (the world's first liquid fiber). Also the company has just introduced the world's first SodiumBenzoate and Potassium Sorbate FREE (widely used preservatives) liquid multi vitamin,Nature's Optimal Nutrition, which is a major breakthrough in the nutrition industry.
After losing over 25 pounds and dramatically changing his body, Founder Jim Caras was urged by friends and family to make his personal health discoveries, formulas, and programs available to them and the public. In 1997, Jim published his best-selling book,How To Completely Reshape Your Body! and founded Health Direct. Since then, HealthDirect has helped improve the health and lives of over a million consumers.
Started with only a $1,500 loan and originally headquartered in a very modest 575 square foot office in Huntington Harbour, California, the company grew quickly and relocated in January of 2004 to Costa Mesa, and then again last year to Irvine, California. The current international headquarters houses all sales, customer service, administrative, marketing,product development, shipping and distribution operations.

To learn more about Health Direct, go to healthdirectusa.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Cary Treff and Jim Obermayer

March 16th, 2011 · Comments

Keystone Pacific

Cary Treff, President

For over 28 years, Keystone Pacific Property Management has been providing professional community association management services you can count on. Our technological resources and customer care programs enhance the quality of service offered to our homeowners, providing an enjoyable planned community living experience for them.

The level of service provided to our valued clients is above industry standards. Our team cares about taking care of your community as if we live there too. Our trained, knowledgeable professionals go the extra mile to assist each of our clients. Why? Because we care about making your homeowners happy and most importantly, we care about improving the planned community living experience for your homeowners so that they can focus on maintaining and enhancing the value of their biggest investment – their homes.

Learn more about Keystone Pacific.


James Obermayer, CEO and Executive Director

The Sales Lead Management AssociationSM has the mission of helping companies become more successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads. Everyone can become a member by registering and gaining access to the content on the site.

We have built an extensive library of articles, reports, and  information about inquiry management, sales leads, lead nurturing, lead qualification, ROI reporting, and lead distribution. Additional subjects include trade show sales lead acquisition, telemarketing, and inquiry and lead generation.

When you join, there will be no meetings or dues, only access to information and apanel of sales lead management experts who can help you solve difficult sales lead management issues you are facing.

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Pilgrim Talks: William DeBilzan and Guy Marsala (02/23/11)

February 23rd, 2011 · Comments

DeBilzan1 DeBilzan2

William DeBilzan, CEO of DeBilzan Studios

William DeBilzan is an extremely innovative Abstract Expressionist whose presence creates waves in the art community. It is no mystery that the hardest challenge for any painter is the ability to connect with his or her audience. DeBilzan achieves this connection intuitively and with a rare mastery. People of all ages are at home in the presence of DeBilzan's color and mood. In a sense, those who are drawn into DeBilzan's work feel as if the painting was created solely for them, which often is the truth given the large number of commissions he receives.

The unique style of William DeBilzan's paintings relies heavily on his thoughtful composition and masterful use of color. The compositions themselves, on their literal surface, are at first complex given the wide variety of rich textures. However, the juxtaposition of simplistic figurative elements serves to provide the viewer with an effortless, yet refined resolution.

The straightforwardness used by DeBilzan in his compositions is even more apparent in his choice of color. His palette varies in its mood from warm, subtle distinctions to cool, higher contrast shades reminiscent of the Caribbean. The reds, yellows, greens and blues communicate a sense of innocence in purity while remaining bold and unashamed.

The most distinguishing feature of DeBilzan's work is his figures. They stand tall and thin and speak to the viewer with a relief that is in stark contrast to their surrounding textures. Their presence in his paintings suggests the idea that life is far simpler than we make it. Alone or in groups, the anonymous individuals communicate a sense love, belonging or longing to belong.

The ability for DeBilzan to connect with almost anybody through the use of an image is proof of his success. Accordingly, his work has been included in many popular television shows, such as Frasier, Just Shoot Me, and Spin City. He has been the obvious choice for such sitcoms because of his work's coherent ability to connect with any member of the audience in some way.

DeBilzan's constant creative work ethic and his extremely attractive paintings and sculptures have made him one of the most sought out artists of our time.

To learn more about William DeBilzan, go to williamdebilzan.com



Guy Marsala, CEO of EZLube

Founded in Orange County in 1988, EZ Lube is Southern California's only wholly owned and locally based quick lube retailer. Employing about 1,000 people with locations from Bakersfield to San Diego, EZ Lube services more than 1 million vehicles annually. EZ Lube is committed to helping Southern Californians take better care of their car, typically their second largest investment after their home. From regular oil changes, to preventative services like filter replacements, air conditioning and fuel system cleaning, EZ Lube can help customers get better mileage, reduce emissions and extend the life of their vehicles.

CEO and President Guy Marsala joined EZ Lube in April 2010. He has extensive experience rebuilding value in underperforming businesses by building high performing teams and driving customer focus throughout the organization.

EZ Lube Service Pledge At EZ Lube, we pledge to help you maintain your vehicle's health with economical, easy to follow, preventative maintenance and automotive service solutions.Our service team is here to support your automotive servicing needs through regular maintenance and service so you can continue to protect and enjoy the investment you have in your vehicle exactly the way you choose.

EZ Lube Expertise At Your Service

At EZ Lube, we offer our automotive expertise so that you can make informed decisions about your automotive service needs. From oil change services to more advanced automotive service and repair, EZ Lube uses your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations as the primary indicator in making preventative maintenance recommendations for your vehicle. Our automotive service technicians also look to fluid conditions as a secondary indicator useful in the absence of vehicle maintenance records or in the case of an apparent fluid issue.

EZ Lube Stands Behind Our Quality Service Offerings EZ Lube stands behind our automotive service by offering you technical expertise, quality brands and excellent customer service so you can feel confident in the long-term reliability of your vehicle.

To learn more about EZLube, go to ezlube.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Kent Loven and Frank Jaksch

February 2nd, 2011 · Comments


Ken Loven, Regional Sales Manager

AlphaBio, Inc., is a service and engineered product supplier to the biopharm and hygienic process industries. Having serviced this segment from its inception, we have developed a level of product and process expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Whether you are looking for innovative components or state of the art systems, Alpha can provide them. We supply cutting edge, high quality products to customers who appreciate the value of doing something right once and who value the input that an experienced group can bring. We constantly seek new ways to improve our equipment design. Our goal is to provide our customers with quick and accurate service on the often specialized products they require.
Kent Loven is the Regional Sales Manager. He has over 20 years of experience in fluid system sales in California, including involvement with ISA. Kent handles both large and small accounts throughout the state and will be a great addition to our team. You can reach him directly on his cellphone number: 949.795.3900
To learn more about AlphaBio, go to AlphaBio.com


Frank Jaksch, CEO

ChromaDex™ was established in 1999 to become the market leader in the creation and supply of botanical reference standards along with related phytochemical products and services. There is a rapidly growing awareness both at the consumer and government regulatory level of the need for reference standards and other quality assurance methods to identify active substances, drug/compound interactions, and the presence of toxic or adulterating materials.

ChromaDex™ provides the tools necessary to help with the quality and control of the market. ChromaDex's™ main thrust is to create industry accepted information, products, and services to every layer of the functional food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and dietary supplement markets.

In a consolidating industry, the Company has established itself by combining scientific rigor to its products and services along with a strong customer centric business model. ChromaDex™ is a Life Sciences business that is publicly traded. (OTC stock symbol CDXC.OB)

To learn more about Chromadex, go to chromadex.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Tim Lester and Keith Pomerleau / Virginia Lorimor

December 15th, 2010 · Comments


Tim Lester and Keith Pomerleau, Managers

AllBrightOC is a great example of a compay dedicated to the development of employees. As anyone can see from their website, AllBrightOC is a janitorial service with specialitizing in home cleaning, floor care, carpet care, air duct cleaning, water damage, and construction clean-up. The difference the company brings is in the management commitment to developing people and helping them to be the best they can be.

Extensive training in both the technical aspects of cleaning and in human relationship skills help employees at AllBrightOC stand out in the world of service employees. In the conversation today, we will hear from managers committed to their people.

The focus on development of employees has resulted in outstanding customer service. In business for less than two years, AllBrightOC has built a larger group of loyal customers in both residential and commercial owners. Listen in today to hear the difference customer support training can make in a business.

To learn more about the AllBrightOC, go to allbrightoc.com



Virginia LorimorWIN

Virginia Lorimor, CEO

WIN Business GermiNATION, Inc.sm is a unique business concept that will change the way American's do business. WINsm is the brain child of founder and Chief Excellence Officer, Virginia Lorimor, a magna cum laud alumnus of USC and CPA with nearly 20 years of experience in accounting, finance and business management in Fortune 100 companies including PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Disney, KB Home, and Lennar Homes.

We all know running an organization is no easy task, let alone starting one from scratch.  Business owners are working 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, and failing at a rate of 80%-90%. CPA run businesses however, succeed at rate of over 98%. Generally business owners neglect or put off performing certain critical functions due to time constraints, misinformation, or lack of expertise.

Setting up accurate accounting records, creating business plans, obtaining proper insurances, setting up legal structure and protection...The novice owner thinks they can save money by Doing-It-Yourself and it ultimately costs them everything. WithWINsm we CYA - Cover Your Assets! To learn more about Win Germination, go to winopp.com

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