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Entries from June 2011

Pilgrim Talks: Michael Lang and Philippe Laval

June 29th, 2011 · Comments



Michael Lang, COO
Power Plus! Power Plus is your "One Source" for all your maintenance, repair and critical power equipment needs. They have a nationwide team of service professionals trained in multi-vendor service. Whether you have one site or multiple sites across North America they have an unmatched footprint and service offering in the industry. Power Plus! provides a variety of services for Utility applications and Military bases across the country. Power Plus knows what is necessary to get the job done securely and safely! They understand the constraints, demands, and pressures of Utility and Government agencies and work diligently to exceed your expectations. When it comes to finding a solution for power, only Power Plus has an in-house design and engineering firm working together with our temporary power and utility grade service experts to deliver a seamless "design build" product. This coupled with a national fleet of portable generators, emergency back up generators and critical load back up systems, makes Power Plus your best option for Power, When you need it, Where you need it.

To learn more about Power Plus!, go to  powerplus.com



Philippe Laval, Founder and CEO

Kwaga is a young, innovative, French company made of experts passionate about linguistics and information technology, whose ambition is to provide tools to facilitate email management. Based on linguistic and semantic technologies, our range of products addresses both professional and personal needs.

In your incoming mail, WriteThat.Name detects the items that may expand your Gmail address book (e.g. phone or fax numbers, email addresses, titles etc.). If any such details are found, an email is sent to you at the end of the day to review all the contacts that may be created or updated. You can then compare with the existing contact in your address book to appreciate the relevancy of WriteThat.Name. You can also choose to let the system update your address book automatically.

We will be discussing the Internet, business, and development environment in France and Europe.

To learn more about KWAGA, go to  kwaga.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Jeff Swartz and John Beckham

June 23rd, 2011 · Comments


Jeff Swartz, President
Daly-Swartz Public Relations is a full-service marketing communications firm founded in Orange County, California in 1986. Their clients demand greater brand recognition, increased sales and greater awareness of their products/services to maintain current customers and attract new ones. Daly Swartz's job is to make that happen. Over the years they have developed strong contacts and long-standing relationships with movers and shakers who can make or break a company: the media, analysts, key influencers, decision makers and the public. Day-Swartz has gained their trust by communicating their clients' positioning honestly, clearly and forcefully. Daly-Swartz also develops a strategy to disseminate this information: it's as if a company suddenly had 100,000 sales people telling the marketplace who they are, what they represent, what they offer, what their brand represents and why they should be chosen over the competition.

To learn more about Daly-Swartz, go to  dsprel.com


John Beckham, Vocus

The internet has changed the way organizations communicate. Today, fewer and fewer people rely on a single source for all their news. The internet continues to complement and even replace traditional outlets such as broadcast television and newspapers. Blogs have allowed a much broader group of "citizen journalists" to play a significant role in the news life cycle. The emergence and viral nature of social media means that an organization's reputation can be made or destroyed in an afternoon.

Founded in 1991, Vocus has changed the way communications professionals do their jobs. Vocus provides the ability to leverage the ubiquity of the internet to interact with the media, publish their news online where it can be found by millions, monitor news and social media conversations from virtually any source and track their results to compare them with key competitors.

Vocus provides advanced and easy-to-use software for public relations management.

  • Access our industry-leading media database with more than 1.4 million journalists, bloggers, media outlets, opportunities and more
  • Track interactions: who opened your news, who covered you, and who you influenced
  • Listen, measure, and engage your brand across millions of social media channels - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more. Identify influencers and determine favorability for a complete picture of your brand presence
  • Monitor news about you, your competitors and key trends
  • Organize, prioritize, score, compare, and generate coverage reports instantly
  • Distribute press releases and pitches directly to journalists or across the web

Today, Vocus is a public company (NASDAQ: VOCS) with more than 30,000 customers worldwide. One of the pioneers of the Software as a Service business model, Vocus continues to be one of the fastest growing and most profitable software companies in the world.

To learn more about Vocus, go to  vocus.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Dave Kinney and Denise Keller

June 15th, 2011 · Comments

MadisonStreetPartnersDave Kinney
Dave Kinney, Partner, MadisonStreet Partners
Dave Kinney is an Orange County area commercial real estate specialist. He has negotiated on behalf of tenants such as Smith Barney, CitiGroup Smit Kline Beecham, New England Financia, Met-Rx Products, United Auto Credit Corporation and Stratacare. He has helped his clients lease or purchase more than 5 million square feet in his career and has provided service in portfolio strategy and administration, transaction management, site and building selection, corporate facility panning, development/construction pro formas and lease administration.
An accounting graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Dave was named Alumnus of the Year in 2004. He serves as an advisory board member for the Orfalea College of Business at Cal Poly, The American Cancer Society of Orange County and St Mary's & All Angel's School where he serves the Board chair. He also is a member of GenNext, an organization of forward thinking business leaders dedicated to making a difference with issues affecting our society and business, both locally, statewide and nationally. He also volunteers his time to mentor Orfalea College of Business students and coaches youth sports.
Madison Street Partners is a local team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in Orange County commercial real estate. Their experts negotiate with Orange County landlords and developers on a daily basis and have cultivated a personal rapport with owners and their representatives. They have gained a comprehensive knowledge of their buildings, their hidden advantages and liabilities. This unique perspective create leverage for their clients in lease negotiations by presenting them with a variety of creative choies and steering them away from potential pitfalls.

To learn more about MadisonStreet Partners, go to  madisonstreetpartners.net

Benchmark Email

Denise Keller, COO of Benchmark Email

Denise Keller is COO and founding partner of Benchmark Email, one of the world's leading email marketing services for small businesses. Keller served as Vice President of Finance for restaurant chain Seafood Broiler and CEO of Accor's U.S. Ticket Services Division before transferring into the COO position at Benchmark, where she has been instrumental in bringing in numerous small business customers, as well as high-profile clients that include Mercedes Benz, Siemens and Kaiser Permanente.

Benchmark email, one of the world's leading , global email marketing service has an online guide designed to give small businesses the confidence and knowledge to successfully market their company, products or services online. The downloadable guide, titled Introduction to Online Marketing, covers a broad range of topics including free vs. paid advertising, leveraging social networking sites and using search engine optimization techniques for maximum effect.

Benchmark Email is an award-winning, international email marketing service used by thousands of small, medium and large-sized businesses. As one of the fastest-growing, US-based email marketing companies, Benchmark currently offers Web-based service to German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese-speaking clients. The company also offers a free email marketing plan for small businesses just starting to build email lists.

To learn more about Benchmark Email, go to  benchmarkemail.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Justin Milmeister and Patrick O’Malley

June 8th, 2011 · Comments

Elite Data Solutions
Justin Milmeister, CEO of Elite Merchant Solutions
Elite Merchant Solutions is a nationwide merchant service provider sponsored by Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC. Elite Merchant Solutions has positioned itself as one of the top merchant service providers in the country. Servicing all fifty states with live operators picking up your phone call with no automated system has earned elite merchant solutions envy among competitors.
Justin Milmeister, CEO of Elite Merchant Solutions, will speak on behalf of CEOs and business owners who are known for their accomplishments in the field of Customer Service and who are proactively working through customer service issues in this marketplace.

Elite Merchant Solutions is a business that prides itself on its successful, innovative and ever evolving dedication to providing their client-base with the highest level of customer service. It is what their business is built upon and will continue to be the driving force behind their success.

Justin will be sharing stories with "OC Talk Radio's" listenership (other CEOs / Business Owners) based upon the following topics:

  • What Elite Merchant Solutions has done to improve their customer service its customers
  • What have been the results?
  • How many people at Elite Merchant Solutions are involved in customer service
  • Obstacles that were discovered in implementing Elite's plans to improve customer service
  • Top 3 Things that Make Elite Different From Other Merchant Providers

To learn more about Elite Merchant Solutions, go to elitedatacorp.com

617 Patrick

Patrick O'Malley, 617 Patrick (Social Media Jedi Master!)

Patrick O'Malley loves and lives Social Media, and can show you how to utilize them to get new customers and maintain relationships with current customers.  He will be sharing innovative, creative, and effective ways for sales people to use LinkedIn.


  • is an internationally known expert on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google SEM and Google SEO
  • knows 25-30 things about Social Media that no one else knows, and shares them with his audiences
  • was VP of Operations for the search engine that was tied with Google in the year 2000 (Northern Light)- he knows the internal engineering of a search engine, and understands internet marketing from one of the original sources.  - he knows 5 tricks which can get potentially your company's product onto the first page of Google, for free, with no "black hat" techniques, in just a few days.
  • has had TV, Newspaper appearances- Fox-TV social media expert- WHDH News (Channel 7) in Boston- Boston Globe- Boston Herald- many other news outlets.
  • has been Speaker at DECUS conventions in front of many groups of 1000+V
  • has been VP of Marketing for ASTD, Boston

His phone number is actually 617-PATRICK, i.e. (617)-728-7425, which he still thinks is the coolest thing.

To learn more about Patrick, go to 617patrick.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Dan Clark and Robert AndersonSchoepe

June 1st, 2011 · Comments


Dan Clark, Chairman of the Board
Since 1932, Prudential Overall Supply has continued to provide best-in-class solutions for businesses for uniforms and textile rental programs. Service programs includ uniform rental, uniform least, uniform purchase for industrial uniform programs and related services. Prudential is grateful for the exceptional work produced by our industry-best tenured employees, and to our exceptional customer patronage. It is this connection that enables Prudential to provide our customers with the best possible products and service at a fair price, today and into the future.

Prudential Overall Supply is a uniform provider with solutions for businesses requiring uniforms and textile rental programs. Reusable textiles offer a clean green solution compared to home wash and disposable products. Uniform programs include uniform rental, uniform lease and uniform purchase. As a uniform provider, Prudential Overall Supply works with work Shirts manufacturers that provide the industry's most respected brands like Dickies, Red Kap, Wrangler, Chef Design, Bulwark, Lee and Medline.

Industrial products include floor mats, restroom supplies, paper products, linen supplies, reusable towels, mops and microfiber products. Prudential Overall Supply can accommodate any business with needs for: Uniform rental, uniform lease, uniform purchase for career apparel, work shirts, work uniforms, industrial uniforms, industrial products, linen supplies, paper products, floor mats, reusable towels, mops, microfiber products and restroom supplies.

Dan Clark graduated from USC 42 years ago and went to work at Prudential while his father was in charge of the company Dan's grandfather started in 1932. Prudential has 17 plants, 8 service centers, and almost 1600 employees in 8 states.

To learn more about Prudential Overall Supply, go to pos-clean.com


Robert AndersonShoepe, CEO

Established in Orange County in 1957, Fluidmaster remains a family owned and operated company know for its superior engineering of efficient and and reliable toilet components, The company has become an icon in the plumbing industry, leading its market with a worldwide distribution network across more than 80 countries and selling more toilet tank replacement valves than any other manufacturer in the world. In addition to the original fill valve developed by founder Adolph Schoepe and enhanced through the years, Fluidmaster's complete line of toilet care parts included standard and dual flush valves, flappers, tank levers, bowl wax, toilet repair kits, and connectors.

In addition to significantly growing its business over the years by serving its global customers first from Anaheim and more recently SAn Juan Capistrano, the company, its owners and employees have been proud supporters of the local community through such organizations as

  • San Juan Chamber of Commerce
  • Junior Achievement of Orange County
  • Corazon - Orange County organization building homes for needy families in Tijuana
  • Orangewood Children's Foundation
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Walk of out Poverty

The company's founder, Adolf Schoepe, was recognized for his significant support of The Boy Scouts throughout his life, with The Boy Scout Camp at Lost Valley named in his honer. Robert AndersonSchoepe, his son, and current owner, continues supporting the Boy Scouts today.

To learn more about Fluidmaster, go to fluidmaster.com

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