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Entries from May 2012

Pilgrim Talks: Shawn Livermore, Founder and CEO of Ziptask

May 30th, 2012 · Comments


Shawn Livermore Founder and CEO

What is Ziptask?
What is Ziptask?

Ziptask has invented the easiest way to hire freelancers for your projects. Ziptask is a fully-managed work systemthat makes outsourcing simply magical. Their army of freelance contractors engage rapidly on your software, website, design, or office document projects. Ziptask charges just 39 cents per minute for most types of work. More advanced work such as programming, graphic design, or professional services may cost $0.49, $0.59, or $0.69 cents per minute. (Don't worry, you approve an estimate before we ever begin work on a project.)

To learn more about Ziptask, go to ziptask.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Shaun MacGillivray

May 9th, 2012 · Comments

To The Arctic
Shaun MacGillvray

Shaun MacGillivray, Managing Director

MacGillvray Freeman Films One World One Ocean Campaign

Shaun MacGillivray is Managing Director of MacGillivray Freeman Films and the company's One World One Ocean campaign, a multi-year, multi-platform ocean media initiative aimed at restoring the world's oceans. He is the producer of the IMAX/IMAX 3D® film To The Arctic, the first film presentation of One World One Ocean and is currently producing the company's forthcoming films "One World One Ocean" and "Everest: Conquering Thin Air."  The son of Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Greg MacGillivray, Shaun grew up on film locations all around the world.  Shaun graduated Magna Cum Laude from Emory University with a degree in economics, then went on to receive a graduate MFA degree in Film Production from the University of Southern California. Shaun and his wife Katie and son Charlie live in Laguna Beach, where they enjoy spending time with family.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although "To The Arctic" will only be playing at the Irvine Spectrum through Thursday, May 10, it will be playing all summer at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

To learn more about To The Arctic, go to imax.com/tothearctic/

To learn more about the One World One Ocean Campaign, go tooneworldoneocean.org

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Pilgrim Talks: Terry Ransom, CEO of Real Practice

May 2nd, 2012 · Comments

ReplyWiseCarey Ransom

Carey Ransom, CEO


Small businesses spend billions of dollars every year on marketing, to generate more "business."  When marketing works, it creates inbound activity from potential customers - phone calls, emails and other inquiries.  With all the attention on generating leads, though, virtually no systems or processes are established to maximize the conversion of leads into customers, and then retaining those customers within the business.  Solutions often seem too complicated, difficult or expensive, so business owners avoid them.  Easy, cost-effective solutions are available, and when used by a small business, they can greatly improve the ultimate goal of their marketing - getting more customers and keeping more of them.  In fact, ReplyWise's users are improving the rate at which they get new customers by an average of 67% after only a few months of using it.
ReplyWise was purpose built for small businesses to help them quickly setup the software, directly engage and get immediate value from using it with new leads, and see clearly measurable results from their marketing activities.  The goal is for small business owners to "advertise wisely and close more business."
Carey Ransom is an experienced Internet and software entrepreneur and executive, having started, grown and aided many technology companies during their startup and growth phases. His career spans executive roles in business development, strategy, marketing, sales and corporate development.  Throughout his career, Carey has focused on solutions for small businesses and helping them improve their marketing and business operations.  He is proud of both growing up in and the continued success of his family's 140-yr old small business, which has taught him most of what he knows about business.  He has an Economics degree from Indiana University and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School.

To learn more about ReplyWise, go to replywise.com

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