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Pilgrim Talks: William DeBilzan and Guy Marsala (02/23/11)

February 23rd, 2011 · Comments

DeBilzan1 DeBilzan2

William DeBilzan, CEO of DeBilzan Studios

William DeBilzan is an extremely innovative Abstract Expressionist whose presence creates waves in the art community. It is no mystery that the hardest challenge for any painter is the ability to connect with his or her audience. DeBilzan achieves this connection intuitively and with a rare mastery. People of all ages are at home in the presence of DeBilzan's color and mood. In a sense, those who are drawn into DeBilzan's work feel as if the painting was created solely for them, which often is the truth given the large number of commissions he receives.

The unique style of William DeBilzan's paintings relies heavily on his thoughtful composition and masterful use of color. The compositions themselves, on their literal surface, are at first complex given the wide variety of rich textures. However, the juxtaposition of simplistic figurative elements serves to provide the viewer with an effortless, yet refined resolution.

The straightforwardness used by DeBilzan in his compositions is even more apparent in his choice of color. His palette varies in its mood from warm, subtle distinctions to cool, higher contrast shades reminiscent of the Caribbean. The reds, yellows, greens and blues communicate a sense of innocence in purity while remaining bold and unashamed.

The most distinguishing feature of DeBilzan's work is his figures. They stand tall and thin and speak to the viewer with a relief that is in stark contrast to their surrounding textures. Their presence in his paintings suggests the idea that life is far simpler than we make it. Alone or in groups, the anonymous individuals communicate a sense love, belonging or longing to belong.

The ability for DeBilzan to connect with almost anybody through the use of an image is proof of his success. Accordingly, his work has been included in many popular television shows, such as Frasier, Just Shoot Me, and Spin City. He has been the obvious choice for such sitcoms because of his work's coherent ability to connect with any member of the audience in some way.

DeBilzan's constant creative work ethic and his extremely attractive paintings and sculptures have made him one of the most sought out artists of our time.

To learn more about William DeBilzan, go to williamdebilzan.com



Guy Marsala, CEO of EZLube

Founded in Orange County in 1988, EZ Lube is Southern California's only wholly owned and locally based quick lube retailer. Employing about 1,000 people with locations from Bakersfield to San Diego, EZ Lube services more than 1 million vehicles annually. EZ Lube is committed to helping Southern Californians take better care of their car, typically their second largest investment after their home. From regular oil changes, to preventative services like filter replacements, air conditioning and fuel system cleaning, EZ Lube can help customers get better mileage, reduce emissions and extend the life of their vehicles.

CEO and President Guy Marsala joined EZ Lube in April 2010. He has extensive experience rebuilding value in underperforming businesses by building high performing teams and driving customer focus throughout the organization.

EZ Lube Service Pledge At EZ Lube, we pledge to help you maintain your vehicle's health with economical, easy to follow, preventative maintenance and automotive service solutions.Our service team is here to support your automotive servicing needs through regular maintenance and service so you can continue to protect and enjoy the investment you have in your vehicle exactly the way you choose.

EZ Lube Expertise At Your Service

At EZ Lube, we offer our automotive expertise so that you can make informed decisions about your automotive service needs. From oil change services to more advanced automotive service and repair, EZ Lube uses your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations as the primary indicator in making preventative maintenance recommendations for your vehicle. Our automotive service technicians also look to fluid conditions as a secondary indicator useful in the absence of vehicle maintenance records or in the case of an apparent fluid issue.

EZ Lube Stands Behind Our Quality Service Offerings EZ Lube stands behind our automotive service by offering you technical expertise, quality brands and excellent customer service so you can feel confident in the long-term reliability of your vehicle.

To learn more about EZLube, go to ezlube.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Jim Banks and Paul Roberts (2/16/11)

February 16th, 2011 · Comments

Shadetree Technology

Jim Banks, Founder and CEO

Improving Sales Performance with Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

Our Mission To help our customers achieve their sales objectives.

Our Purpose To make the complex job of qualifying a lead and selling over the phone easier and more productive.

Our Experience Our products are the result of decades of sales experience; groundbreaking research and thousands of consulting hours spent helping customers improve their sales organizations. Please ask us for a customer reference… they are our best salespeople.

Our Market Our offerings are focused on helping sales professionals and sales management.  Our products and services establish successful, repeatable processes that can be measured and reported.  ShadeTree recognized an enormous void in solutions for improving sales conversations.  ShadeTree’s focus is unique and a key reason why you should talk to us.

Our Product Our breakthrough product, Incite2, is the world’s first comprehensive solution for improving telephone conversations and calling productivity for use with Salesforce.com.

See more about Incite2


Paul Roberts, Founder and Producer

The Most Powerful Social Medium Imaginable

OC Talk Radio was created by a group of traditional marketers who realized that marketing is no longer a one way street. You can't just put up a billboard and hope people buy anymore. The Internet has changed all that.  Just as highways long ago bypassed regular streets and opened up new arteries for commerce to flow, so too has the "information super highway" found a way to "cut thru the clutter" of traditional advertising and open up a direct dialog with your community.  Need to find someone who imports Indian beer?  No problem.  Go online and instantly see who sells Golden Eagle lager.

The Internet is all about "target marketing". It's about finding your "niche" and telling people about it. Yet one of the best ways to carry on this conversation with your community of clients, customers, and potential prospects has yet to be fully explored: INTERNET RADIO. For while its adoption by the general public is growing by leas and bounds (SEE DEMOGRAPHICS) few people know how easy it is to actually host your own radio show on this revolutionary new "social medium" or what its benefits can be.

But the Internet doesn't just connect people with information anymore. It can connect people to each other.  That's the promise of Social Media and the whole Web 2.0.  It allows you to carry on a direct conversation with your customers and community.

But what do you say?  How do you create enough interesting content to fill up your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts on a weekly basis, to say nothing about your daily blogs and monthly newsletters?  That's where Internet Radio can help as well, for it gives you something new and interesting to say each week to your audience to capture their attention and hold their interest long enough to show them what you're offering and why it's so special.

It also instantly sets you apart from the rest of your competitors, for who else hosts a radio show on your topic? You instantly become "the expert" in your area.  And by capturing each broadcast and recording them as "podcasts" for download later, you add valuable "rich media" to your site that brings traffic and raises you Search Engine rankings at the same time.

It's all in what you make of it. You may find that no one is listening to your shows or your weekly message.  But the crazy thing is that it STILL may be worth your time and investment to keep broadcasting, for in addition to raising your rankings, emphasizng your "expertise" and enticing potential customers to carry on a conversation with you over the Internet, hosting your own Internet Radio show is probably the most powerful networking and prospecting tool you can ever imagine.  Want to meet someone but you can't get past the front door?  Try calling them up and asking them to be a guest on your radio show!  Who could refuse an invitation like that?

Learn more about OCTalkRadio

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Pilgrim Talks: Jay Adams and Frank Verrill

February 9th, 2011 · Comments


Jay Adams, Founder and CEO

MakesBridge Technology was founded in 2001 in a highly pragmatic post-dot-com business environment. The company was established and built upon a single-minded approach to what we wanted to provide our customers  - The absolute best combination of service, software, and partner-relationship atmosphere. Bar none. The lofty objective seems to have worked.

Now, thanks to customers we dearly appreciate, the sun does not set on our operation. MakesBridge Technology has employees around the world. We work hard and question ourselves around the clock about how we may deliver a better product for customers. We want to be perfect and will never be satisfied - and this fuels our culture of curiosity and creativity.

What We Do

We develop and publish a suite of online marketing and sales software products. We've been on the cloud since inception.

Our Values

We focus on quality, not quantity. Since we're privately held and profitable, we make decisions based on delivering  value to our customers.

We perceive our customers as investors who deserve a high return on the money and effort spent on our tools.

Show sincere respect for self, individuals, customers and competitors. Earn and expect the same.

"No Contracts, No High Price".  Allow customers to fire us at any time to maintain a healthy edge. Deliver results for a low cost.

To learn more about MakesBridge, go to MakesBridge.com


Frank Verrill, Founder and CEO

For the first time ever, you can send real mail in real time, from your desktop or mobile device via your CRM. Cloud2Mail is the patented new technology that sends high quality letters, greeting cards, brochures and more to anyone from anywhere, just one at a time!

We know mail. We mailed just under a billion pieces last year alone. In fact, we have the USPS within our facility. We're experienced direct marketers. Since the 1980's we have been providing powerful marketing programs and turnkey solutions for our clients.

Cloud2You can be implemented in a few ways: via Salesforce.com. via daily file transfer or via API interface.

Cloud2You is a free download on the Salesforce.com Appexchange.

To learn more about Cloud2You, go to Cloud2You.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Kent Loven and Frank Jaksch

February 2nd, 2011 · Comments


Ken Loven, Regional Sales Manager

AlphaBio, Inc., is a service and engineered product supplier to the biopharm and hygienic process industries. Having serviced this segment from its inception, we have developed a level of product and process expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Whether you are looking for innovative components or state of the art systems, Alpha can provide them. We supply cutting edge, high quality products to customers who appreciate the value of doing something right once and who value the input that an experienced group can bring. We constantly seek new ways to improve our equipment design. Our goal is to provide our customers with quick and accurate service on the often specialized products they require.
Kent Loven is the Regional Sales Manager. He has over 20 years of experience in fluid system sales in California, including involvement with ISA. Kent handles both large and small accounts throughout the state and will be a great addition to our team. You can reach him directly on his cellphone number: 949.795.3900
To learn more about AlphaBio, go to AlphaBio.com


Frank Jaksch, CEO

ChromaDex™ was established in 1999 to become the market leader in the creation and supply of botanical reference standards along with related phytochemical products and services. There is a rapidly growing awareness both at the consumer and government regulatory level of the need for reference standards and other quality assurance methods to identify active substances, drug/compound interactions, and the presence of toxic or adulterating materials.

ChromaDex™ provides the tools necessary to help with the quality and control of the market. ChromaDex's™ main thrust is to create industry accepted information, products, and services to every layer of the functional food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and dietary supplement markets.

In a consolidating industry, the Company has established itself by combining scientific rigor to its products and services along with a strong customer centric business model. ChromaDex™ is a Life Sciences business that is publicly traded. (OTC stock symbol CDXC.OB)

To learn more about Chromadex, go to chromadex.com

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