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Entries from June 2010

Pilgrim Talks: Steve Ormonde & Ray Melissa (6/30/10)

June 30th, 2010 · Comments

Focus 360

Steve Ormonde, CEO

Thinking outside the circle.

You already know exactly what your project will look like. You can see it in your mind. It's our job to share your vision with the rest of the world. For the past 20 years, Focus 360 has been using the very latest technology to give form to ideas in innovative ways. We execute accurate renderings down to the smallest detail. We create elaborate, high-definition animated movies that incorporate real people, moving traffic and flowing waters. We create custom solutions that include everything from software creation to hardware installation. What are your goals? Our goal is to help you achieve yours through the right combination of advanced technology and creative thinking.

Completing the circle through creative collaboration.

As useful as all of Focus 360's technology and tools are, our most useful tool is the one that sits on top of our shoulders. Because we don't just roll out a cookie-cutter approach to visualizing your project. Our recommendations are based on thoughtful consideration of exactly what you want to achieve. Call us, and let's talk. The sooner we hear from you, the further outside the circle our thinking will be. And the more complete your solution will be.

Companies expand and contract. Many CEOs have been on a roller coaster provided by the economy. Listen to Steve discuss the role of high definition animated video in marketing and hear him talk about how to keep focused when downsizing the company is the best strategic move. To learn more about Focus360 go to www.focus360.com

Melissa Data

Ray Melissa, CEO

Melissa Data has a single-minded focus on providing the best data to its customers. Listen as Ray Melissa discusses how he started the company from a simple ideas and led the company one innovation at a time to its current industry-dominant position. To learn more about Melissa Data go to www.melissadata.com. There is a wealth of data available for FREE at Melissa Data's Free Lookup page. Look up ZIP Codes, verify addresses, get location geographics and demographics, view maps, and more.

Enhance your database with easy-to-integrate data quality APIs Data Quality Tools

Update & standardize addresses Data Enhancement Services
Customers perfect for your business with our mailing lists Mailing Lists
Mail preparation software and other direct mailing products Mailing and Data Management Software

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Pilgrim Talks: Chris Andreozzi (6/24/10)

June 24th, 2010 · Comments


Chris Andreozzi, CEO

KnowledgeCentrix, established in 2003, is a full-service information systems consulting firm. They specialize in providing Managed and Professional Services to businesses located in Southern California. They bring a passion for customer satisfaction to the particular needs of budget-conscious companies who need on-demand IT services.

Their Mission:

To create, sustainable business advantage for their clients, by providing cost effective and reliable technology solutions.

Their Values:

Quality – a work ethic of striving to be the best and do the best work

Accountability – living by the adage, "the buck stops here"

Integrity – you are who you say you are demonstrated by living your personal values

Loyalty – going the extra mile for clients, employees and the company

Balance – encouraging life outside of work, community and charitable endeavors

KnowledgeCentrix has earned acclaim with both Microsoft and Cisco by repeatedly demonstrating a proven track record of successful projects and happy customers. To see more about KnowledgeCentrix, go to knowledgecentrix.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Mark Babbitt and Bill Washburn (6/16/10)

June 16th, 2010 · Comments

Mark Babbitt YouTern

Mark Babbitt, Founder, YouTern.com

For those entering the workforce, internships are no longer optional.

In our “new” economy, 45% of young adults under 25 remain unemployed. And in 2010, 80% of graduates do not expect to have a job soon after graduation – up dramatically from just 49% the year before.

Without jobs waiting for them, students must plan their career paths years in advance – a career-relevant internship is the key to success. And for good reason: 9 out of 10 direct-from-college jobs will go to students with experiential education on their resumes.

At YouTern, we connect emerging talent to entrepreneurial driven companies through internships. With YouTern, intern candidates have a choice: the “coffee and copy” dash at large corporations... Or, the YouTern opportunity. To see more about YouTern, go to www.youtern.com.To see their initial launch press release, go to www.youtern.com/cm/press_release

Bill Washburn BMIC.org

Bill Washburn, Founder, Berkeley Mobile International Collaborative

The evolution of the mobile marketplace is transforming the mobile tech ecosystem around the globe. As we enter this new decade, what will follow is a period of unprecedented economic growth in mobile software.

Because of these developments, a group at Berkeley started pursuing a vision of enabling universities and mobile telephony companies around the globe to collaborate on tapping into the energy and enthusiasm of students by encouraging them to become mobile applications entrepreneurs. Mobile applications are a global phenomenon and they offer clear, real world incentives for students. These young people are poised to become the next generation of entrepreneurs, developers, technology leaders and visionaries. To make mobile applications innovation and entrepreneurship happen, the mobile industry needs to collaborate with and support mobile technology entrepreneurship in the curriculum and extra-curriculum of all of the world’s major universities. By attracting and inspiring students, there is a significant opportunity for universities and mobile companies across the globe to collaborate through innovation. To see more about BMIC, go to www.bmic.org

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Pilgrim Talks: Kristin Arnold and David Browning (6/09/10)

June 9th, 2010 · Comments


Kristin Arnold, Author, Speaker, President of QPC, Inc.

The first thing you notice about Kristin is that she is tall. 5′ 10″ to be precise.

You’ll also note her passion for helping others be more engaging and interactive in their presentations.  She’s a master facilitator as well as a professional speaker – and has done a ton of research about how to make a presentation more facilitative, engaging and interactive.

In her newest book, she shares over ninety different techniques you can use immediately in your next presentation.  These techniques will be your “springboard” for you to adapt the idea to your own presentation, rather than “adopt” the idea as your own.

For the last fifteen years, Kristin has been the President of QPC, Inc, focusing her energies on facilitating high stakes meetings, speaking to large groups about the power of teamwork, and training others to do what she does – building extraordinary teams at work. To learn more about Kristin and to see her book, Boring to Bravo, go to boringtobravo.com


David Browning, CEO

thinkASG grows your business through innovative IT strategy, implementation and support. But above all, our team is passionate about partnership. As a result, market-leaders in all areas of business have come to regard us as knowledgeable, dedicated and, ultimately, indispensable partners in growth. thinkASG provides the human drive to lead your next successful technology implementation.

thinkASG’s IT strategy, Green IT implementation, and information technology support experts take the time to understand your unique business and architect solutions to optimize your competitive advantage. From consultation and strategy, to implementation, and support, we help our partners face diverse IT challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

We solve problems. We invite you to explore our site and find out how we put The Human Drive to work for our customers. To learn more abou thinkASG, go to www.thinkasg.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Keith Pinter (6/2/10)

June 2nd, 2010 · Comments

CORE Development Services

Keith Pinter, Chairman

Core Development Services and its subsidiaries, Core Planning Services, Core Communication Services and Core Design Services, are highly experienced with regard to site acquisition, planning, and design. We’ve combined these services in order to provide a total solution that takes advantage of synergistic relationships, direct communication, and overall management of the project. In this way, we maintain total control and prevent any single aspect of the project from going over budget or running behind schedule.

Our specialty includes California’s complex zoning, planning, and entitlement processes. With a thorough working knowledge of California’s policies, politics, and laws, we avoid unnecessary delays. By investing time and energy to establish working relationships with key people, we can also streamline the approval process. This is partly why we’ve been hired to do more work than any other development firm in California, successfully managing more than a thousand land acquisition, permitting, entitlement, and design projects. In the words of our clients - “Core delivers.” For more about Core Development Services, see core.us.com

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Pilgrim Talks: Brad Caldwell (6/2/10)

June 2nd, 2010 · Comments

Integrated Media Systems

Brad Caldwell, CEO

Founded in 1986, Integrate Media Systems has built its nationwide reputation on a foundation of creative collaboration and technical expertise. Collaboration that allows architects, engineers and our diverse field of customers to push technology to its limits.

As a full service audiovisual design consulting company, IMS offers a full compliment of on site engineering and technical staff. State-of-the-art CAD systems to insure exacting system design and architectural renderings.

With current offices in both Northern California (Hayward) and Southern California, IMS also employs a skilled group of senior account consultants who understand the demands of today’s complex multi-media environments. From project concept through design, installation, maintenance and service, IMS consultants play an integral role in the success of each client relationship. To see more about IMS, go to www.imsav.com

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